Sunrise View Trip to Sarangkot


Sunrise View Trip to Sarangkot  | Outdoor Himalayan Treks, Nepal

Hordes of domestic and international tourists reach Sarangkot hilltop early in the morning to catch the view of the sun emerging from behind high mountains.  As the first rays of the sun gradually dissipate darkness in the lower plains of Pokhara valley, the scenery simply overwhelms you. And when the vast Annapurna Himalayan Range glistens in golden shed as light kisses the mighty slopes, you will watch the most spectacular dawn happening in front of you. A moment’s experience here is worth your lifetime.

You won’t just enjoy and admire the extraordinary sights, the otherworldy, ethereal aura leads you inward toward the very mystery of the Creation.  As if the biblical version of the creation, Let there be light and there was light, literally replicating itself!

There are two ways to catch-up the supreme morning, the eternal play of light and darkness. If you want to hike to the place, you should start in the afternoon. In about 3 hours of uphill, but beautiful walk with forests, birds and scenes of Pokhara valley and its surrounds, you can reach Sarangkot. In that case, you can view the sunset as well. But, if you just want to make it to the place to view sunrise in the morning, you can drive from the lakeside early at 5 o’clock. The following itinerary gives you details of both alternatives.

Trip Facts

Trip Duration: 1 night 2 days/One half day starting early in the morning

Trip Grade: Easy (Hike)

Minimum Altitude: 850m, Pokhara

Maximum Altitude: 1600 m, Sarangkot Hilltop

Itinerary Outline

Option 1: Hiking with Overnight Stay at Sarangkot
Hike starts at 1 pm
Reach the hilltop at 5 pm with plenty of time en-route for admiring the scenes
Stay for the night in a teahouse at Sarankot
Watch sunrise the following morning, and return to Pokhara valley

Option 2: Early Morning Drive
Wake up early in the morning (before 5 am) and drive to the place

Itinerary Details

Option 1: Hiking with Overnight Stay at Sarangkot
Start the hike at about 1 o’clock, and walk up the slopes in leisurely pace. You will have plenty to see and admire: the Fewa Lake, the lakeside where you stayed, and the entire Pokhara valley along with its surrounding. As the trail passes through forest as well, the hike takes place in serene environment, with only the occasional chirping of birds breaking it. As you approach the destination, the head of the Himalayan mountains suddenly emerge to you sight. The view is awesomely close, as if you can touch them, making you forget all your tiredness. When you reach the top, have your fill watching the stunning panorama around. In the evening, stay at a teahouse there. The following morning, you will watch the sunrise, sipping a cup of coffee, and taking pictures. At any cost, do not forget to carry your camera with you. After the picturesque moments are over, hike down to the valley.

Option 2: Early Morning Drive
If you want to drive to Sarangkot, you just need to give us the name of your hotel in Lakeside or other part of Pokhara. stay at the lakeside. But you should wake up early in the morning (before 5 am). Our guide will pick you up from the hotel and drive you to the hilltop, which takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour. And a note of caution: you should not forget to pick up your camera. You will scarcely find other moments in life that stand a comparison to what you capture here. After the most exciting moments, drive back to  Lakeside for a hearty breakfast.