Nepal Destination Guide

This Nepal Destination Guide is meant to be a general guide for travelers searching for some updated and reliable information about Nepal, as well as for some insider travel tips. Here, you will find a concise history of Nepal along with facts about the geography, climate, culture, festivals, and a whole lot of other aspects of this gifted nation. Whether you are a foreigner willing to visit Nepal and trying to figure out how to acquire the visa you may need, or are wondering what viable means of transportation in Nepal you may use in Nepal, our destination guide is likely to answer your questions and provide the information you are after.

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Nepal: An Introduction

National flag of Nepal | Outdoor Himalayan TreksLet us talk about Nepal, widely known as the land of the Himalayas. Nepal takes pride in being home to Sagarmatha (Mt Everest), the highest peak in the world, and 7 others having an altitude of more than 8,000 meters, out of 14 such peaks in the world. The concentration of world’s tallest peaks, glaciers, glacial lakes, gorges, glacial valleys, and countless number of lesser mountains in the nation’s Himalayas has been a magnet of endless attraction for visitors from all over the world.


Nepal: Visa Information

The Department of Immigration under the Home Ministry issues visas to the foreign nationals visiting Nepal. Indian nationals do not require visa to enter Nepal and vice versa as Nepal and India have kept the border open.


Nepal: History

The recorded history of Nepal begins from the time of the Kirantis, the Hindu rulers belonging to the Mongoloid race. Before them, the Gopalas and Mahispalas (literally the cow-herders and buffalo-herders respectively) are believed to have ruled over the Kathmandu valley for a period of about 500 years (1500 BC to 1000 BC).


Nepal: Geography

The geography of Nepal is really interesting. Compared to the world, Nepal is a tiny, brick shaped nation along the southern lap of the Himalayan range, but it is quite a world in itself in spite of its size. The area of Nepal is 147,181 sq km, which comes to 0.3% of the total landmass covered by Asia and 0.03% of the world’s whole.


Nepal: Transportation

City Buses
A number of buses, minibuses and micro buses operate from Ratnapark (Old Bus Park) to different destinations in the valley. Some three wheelers run by battery are also available for Kathmandu commuters.


Nepal: Climate

Climate of Nepal is described on this page along with interesting facts on Nepal's weather. Corresponding to the diversity in altitude and terrain, climatic conditions of Nepal also vary from place to place. The temperature decreases by an average 6 degree centigrade with an increase of 1000m in altitude.


Nepal: Culture

Let us answer your questions like "where is Nepal" and what I should know about culture of Nepal in case you want to visit Nepal. Given its small size and a population of a little more than 26 million, Nepal boasts of unusually rich diversity of culture thanks to its blend of Hinduism, Buddhism, animism and tantric traditions in terms of religion.