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Nepal, a small landlocked country in South Asia, is a well known destination for adventurers from all over the world. While terms like Everest, Sherpa, Gurkha and Himalayas are enough for most travelers and academicians to trigger their knowledge about Nepal, there are those who may not have even heard what or where Nepal is.

If you are not familiar with this magical land blessed with natural wonders and heritage, our Nepal destination guide will definitely enlighten you and help you gain some useful insights into Nepal. From Nepal's history to geography and climate, from important tips about getting visa for Nepal to interesting tales about the Nepalese cultures and festivals, our Nepal destination guide section serves valuable information about Nepal. And if you already know enough about the country and have enlisted it as your destination for your upcoming holiday trip, you can choose from the numerous holiday packages including trekking, hiking, mountaineering, rafting, sightseeing, peak climbing, jungle safari, day trips, etc.

Everest Region Treks

Everest Region Treks | Outdoor Himalayan Treks, Nepal

Everest region, the most famous tourist destination of Nepal and one of the world's attractions, lies in the northeast of Nepal in Solukhumbu District. The abode of Mt Everest is also the abode of the Sherpa people formidable for their high mountain adaptation and sincerity. Besides Everest, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu over 8000 meters and numerous other peaks; this place boasts of the highest and most prominent section of the entire Himalayas. As a result, Everest region has long stood as a synonym of adventure around the world.


Annapurna Region Treks

Annapurna Region Treks in Nepal by Outdoor Himalayan Treks

The Annapurna region in Nepal is the most popular trekking area. When you go round the entire region in the longest and the most visited trekking route, you have done the world class Annapurna Circuit Trek, as its name indicates. A little shorter is Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, which takes you to Annapurna Base Camp. Jomsom Muktinath Trek and Ghorepani Poonhill Trek are other equally famous trekking routes of the region.


Langtang Region Treks

Langtang Regtion  Treks | Outdoor Himalayan Treks, Nepal

Langtang Region lies close to Kathmandu valley to its north, has exciting Himalayan scenes, pristine wilderness, and untouched rural culture with people belonging to various ethnicities. If trekking tops your list for a holiday in Nepal, and if you want to do it in an accessible, yet uncrowded region with virgin wilderness and idyllic rural settings, Langtang treks must serve your needs.


Trishuli Gorkha Mid-Hill Trek

Trishuli Gorkha Mid-Hill Trek | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

As a nation dominated by mountain terrain, Nepal offers infinite scope for trekkers and hikers. However, most of this activity has been centered in the High Mountain and Himalayan regions. But the Trishuli Gorkha Mid-Hill Trek is an exception, where you can have full enjoyment of trekking without the strains and altitude adjustment of high altitude.


Panch Pokhari Trek

Panch Pokhari Trek | Outdoor Himalayan Treks | Nepal

Panch Pokhari derives its name from 5 sacred glacier-fed ponds, and revered as a pilgrimage site by the Hindus. Located in the north-eastern part of Sindhupalchok district, this is one of the least frequented trekking destinations of Nepal, ensuring no disturbance and crowd as you move along the trail.


Adventure Trek to Bhairab Kunda

Adventure Trek to Bhairab Kunda | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

The Kundas in Nepal are small lakes (or even ponds) formed by glacier melt in the lap of high mountains of the Himalayan region. From the east of Nepal to the west, there are a number of such lakes and ponds. Most of these ponds and lakes are revered pilgrimages for the Hindus and Buddhists. Located to the north of Kathmandu, Bhairav Kunda is one of them.


Ghandruk Village Trek

Ghandruk Village Trek | Outdoor Himalayan Treks, Nepal

$515 per person

The Annapurna region of Nepal is a classic trekking destination, because the region is blessed with the incredible diversity of nature and culture. There are numerous hotspots of ethnic culture and ethnicities in the region, sitting in the lap of ethereally beautiful surrounding. Ghandruk is one of such villages inhabited by the Gurungs.


Lapchi Kang Pilgrimage Tour

Lapchi Kang Pilgrimage Tour | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

Lapchi Kang Pilgrimage Tour serves a superb combination of mountain trek and of monasteries and caves steeped in Buddhist and Hindu mythology. The area lies in the border between Nepal and Tibet and is considered as sacred as the Manasarovar and Mt Kailash in Tibet. In fact, Mt Kailash, Mt Tsari and Lapchi Kang represent the triad of Holy Mountains of Jambudipa as described in the ancient scriptures.


Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek by Outdoor Himalayan Treks, Nepal

$1175 per person

Manaslu Circuit Trek is in every bit as adventurous and exciting as any other trekking routes of the high mountain region of Nepal. Yet only a few trekkers have unlocked the wild beauties and discovered the typical rural communities of this region. Book this trek with Outdoor Himalayan Treks and be among the first visitors to discover its pristine beauties and to appreciate its challenges.


Everest Base Camp Trek from Jiri

Everest Base Camp Trek via Jiri | Outdoor Himalayan Treks, Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek from Jiri is a top class adventure trek that takes you through all major attractions and all major vantage points of Everest region. With Mt Everest, the world’s highest mountain, and two other peaks Lhotse and Cho Oyu standing over 8,000 meters, the Everest region is the world’s tallest, most rugged, and also the most spectacular high mountain area.