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India: An Introduction

National flag of India | Outdoor Himalayan TreksIndia, the largest nation and the oldest civilization of the Indian subcontinent, offers awesome diversity of activities and experiences. From the holiest and the most sacred in Varanasi and Sarnath to the sensual and titillating in the beaches of Goa; from the age-old rural life in the backwaters of different states to the flamboyant, cosmopolitan glitz of its cities like Bangalore; from its still hunting and gathering pre-civilized human tribes in Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the ash-smearing sadhus that castigate the sophistication of the civilized world – it is a vast nation, vast in its sheer area, vast in its geographical, climatic, cultural, ecological and ethnic expanse.


Gangtok, Kalimpong, and Darjeeling Discovery

Sikkim, Kalimpong, and Darjeeling Discovery is a tour package that packs quite a punch in it—from the authentic taste of legendary Darjeeling tea, to the stunning scenes of fine-trimmed tea gardens, scenic hilltops, gorgeous Himalayas, and glittering skies. Gliding from the pleasure to your taste buds to the pleasure of pleasant sceneries, you explore the best of the north-eastern hilly India during this weeklong trip.


Mountain Trek in Sikkim

Mountain Trek in Sikkim | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

Mountain Trek in Sikkim is an undeniable package for those looking for an adventure trek in the mountains of Sikkim, an Indian state that borders Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. This is a route that can satisfy your appetite for unspoiled nature and adventure, without putting too much strain on you.The real hike starts at Yuksom, the old capital of Sikkim and ascends all the way to Dzongri, bringing you the best scenes of Kanchenjunga.


Delhi Agra Tour

Delhi Agra Tour serves your need for a brief vacation in India in which you get to know its capital and its iconic monument in Agra—the Taj Mahal. It includes a day of exploration and sightseeing in both New Delhi and Agra. Certainly during your short India stay, you will peep a lot into its historical and cultural wealth, along with the lifestyle and culture of the people in the regions you go.


Jhansi - Khajuraho Cultural Break

Jhansi - Khajuraho Cultural Break | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

If you like to have a short, introductory experience of the life and culture of the central and northern India, this Jhansi Khajuraho cultural break can be an ideal option. In a span of four nights and five days, you will move through Delhi to Khajuraho that lies in Madhya Pradesh. Then you will also get to see Jhansi, a historical city in Uttar Pradesh that is largely an off-the-beaten tourist destination of India.


India in a Kaleidoscope

India in a Kaleidoscope | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

India in a Kaleidoscope is a tour package that includes many of the most famous and must see tourist destinations of India. In area, in cultural and geographical diversity, as well as in population, India is a vast nation, offering a variety of experiences and numerous places to explore. This package India in a Kaleidoscope attempts to give a glimpse into that vast diversity of places and experiences.