Bungmati Khokana Dakshinkali Hike


Bungmati Khokana Dakshinkali Hike | Outdoor Himalayan Treks, Nepal

The tour will not only combine hikes through lush green woods—something unusual for the concrete-filled Kathmandu-- and picturesque villages, but also ample opportunities to be in real touch with the local people and their lifestyle, their customs, and culture. The small, ancient townships of Bungamati and Khokana are teeming with ancient houses and so clustered that you get to understand the fort-like designs of these small pockets of settlements in the past. See the people hanging out in public squares, drying their grains in courtyard, some old men smoking from their hukkas, and others busy in their farm works.

In this short itinerary, you will get a fine admixture of nature and culture. To achieve that balance, we will move through one route to reach Dakshinkali from Bungmati and return through an entirely different route. Our hiking trail passes through important landmarks like the first ever power house and the first ever household to use electricity in entire Nepal and some important vantage points from where you will have wonderful views of Kathmadnu valley. The circuit hike around Khokana will pass you almost through the entire life-cycle of its inhabitants.

Besides all this, we have chosen the guest rooms of Bungmati Co-operative Society as our accommodation. This NGO, run by some really philanthropic locals, has a school, child-care center and also an elderly home. It also provides various types of vocational training for the children studying at the school and the elderly people living here. You can just stay here and watch these activities. Or if you are interested, the co-operative greatly welcomes the volunteers who are willing to contribute to its effort.

By the end of the tour, you will be pleasantly surprised to have discovered a different aspect of Kathmandu—its fairly unspoiled countryside where the people and the life they spend make a sharp contrast to the frantic pace of modern city.

Trip Facts

Trip Duration: 2 nights and 3 days

Trip Grade: Easy

Minimum and Maximum Altitude: 1300 m, Kathmandu

Itinerary Outline

Day 1: Bungmati-Khokana Hike

Day 2: Bungmati-Dakshinkali-Bungmati Hike

Day 3: International Departure

Itinerary Details

Day 1: Bungmati-Khokana Hike
Have breakfast at the guesthouse of co-operative and move to Khokana. On the way see Karyabinayak. People make wishes at this shrine and get them fulfilled by the god. Take a tour around the town of Khokana. See the traditional wooden mill that produces mustard oil. See the first-ever household of Nepal to use electricity. Have lunch at a local’s house or a typical Newari restaurant at Khokana . You will surely have a difference to your taste-buds with the local Newari delicacies. Then move on from there to Sikalichaur. Take in the views of hills and river around. Then move through the cremation ground of the residents of Khokana. Return to Khokana. Go further to Bungamti.
Breakfast, dinner and accommodation: Guesthouse of Bungmati Co-operative Society
Lunch: A typical Newari lunch at a local restaurant or with a typical Newar family

Day 2: Bungmati-Dakshinkali-Bungmati Hike
In an exciting trip through Kathmandu suburbs, we will take you through numerous villages and great vantage points to Dakshinkali, a Hindu pilgrimage from Bungmati. You will observe first-hand the ethnicities and cultures of people living at the outskirts of Kathmandu valley. You will see the first hydroelectricity plant of Nepal, the second oldest in Asia! Although the city center has stolen the show from every angle, you find many admirable, beautiful spots along the way. After exploring Dakshinkali, we return to Bungmati from a different route, adding on our observation of local settlements, the people and culture.
Breakfast, dinner and accommodation: Guesthouse of Bungmati Co-operative Society
Lunch: In a fine hotel or restaurant in the vicinity of Dakshinkali

Day 3: International Departure
Having explored the rural side of Kathmandu, you may choose to return home. If you have more time, a number of exciting activities await you in Nepal. Just contact us to find what best suits your time and budget.

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