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Essential Bhutan Exploration

Essential Bhutan ExplorationEssential Bhutan Exploration | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

Lying to the south of Tibet and north of India, Bhutan is a pristine tourist destination of the world, wrapped in mystery and myth, steeped in its Mahayan Buddhism and its own unique culture and lifestyle. The quietness of Bhutanese life and its detached geography offer a lot of scope for typical touristy enthusiasm for enjoyment and discovery.


Chomolhari Base Camp Trek

Chomolhari Base Camp Trek | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

A mountain dominated destination, Bhutan offers some mouth watering recipe for the enthusiasts of adventure treks in mountainous region. And the most adventurous among them is the route that reaches you to Chomolhari Base Camp, continuing your walk over the nation’s challenging and breathtaking passes like Nyele La and Yale La.


Bhutan Introductory Tour

Bhutan Introductory Tour | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

A small landlocked country in the lap of the Himalayas, Bhutan evokes an aura of mystery about it. As the nation has remained selective to the visitors, it has always remained a calm, quiet, and pristine destination for visitors from around the world, where you can enjoy all by yourself. The Buddhist religion of the kingdom has further contributed to its quietness and discipline.


A Journey to the Pristine Jimi Langtso Lake

A Journey to the Pristine Jimi Langsto Lake | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

This trek in Bhutan gives a great introduction to the alpine ecosystem, high mountain passes, and several mountain lakes. Yaks and yak herders’ sheds lie on the way. Jimi Langtso, Janetso, and Semkotatso lakes on high altitude fascinate you with their beauty; and their still waters make you experience infinite peace and calmness.


Phobjika Valley Tour

Phobjika Valley Tour | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

Phobjika valley tour is an exhilarating, moderate trek (3000m) in central Bhutan. Also known as Gangtey Valley, it has two central attractions: the black-necked cranes that come to the valley in winter from Tibet and the Gangtey Monastery belonging to Nyingmapa sect. Strangely, the cranes are known to circumnavigate the monastery at the hilltop thrice at their arrival and departure.


Wangdue Phodrang Sightseeing Tour

Wangdue Phodrang Sightseeing Tour | Outdoor Himalayan Treks

This tour through some of the most spectacular places of Bhutan, a little known Himalayan Kingdom lying in the southern lap of the eastern Himalayas, gives you an introduction to this nation’s geography, culture, and lifestyle. The tour to Wandue Phodrang begins from Thimpuruns you through the mountain dominated terrain of the nation. At first land in Paro and drive to Thimphu, the capital of the nation.